Egg Donor Programs

For decades, fertility specialists all over the world have helped couples overcome difficulties in conceiving a child. Exclusive egg donor programs exercise their ability to not only recruit the best available women to become egg donors but provide donor egg recipients with superior care and high success rates.

For Egg Donors:

Many clinics have a specific protocol in place for the egg donor application process. Egg donation IVF clinics typically select donors who are under the age of 30 and most clinics prefer a donor with blood groups O Rh + / -. Egg donors are generally categorized by ethnicity, height, weight, eye color, hair color, hair type, skin type and religion. Family history such as mental diseases, malformations and hereditary diseases plays a key role in the recruitment process.

Types of Donation

Synchronized donation—donor and the recipient synchronized together.

Asynchronous donation—recipients prepared all time waiting for a donor to come.

For Egg Recipients:

The programs in place for intended parents or egg recipients are carefully thought out by many fertility clinics.

The high success rates of IVF clinics relies on careful donor selection, assuring that each egg donor fulfills 8 matured eggs for maximum selection of embryos, and the high quality of work performed by the IVF team.



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