Egg Donation Risks

As with any medical procedure, there are possible side effects and risks. Generally, women feel very minor discomfort during the egg donation process for egg donors and egg donation process for egg recipients. Others have varying symptoms that naturally resolve after the egg retrieval procedure.

Some egg donors may feel bloating, pressure, abdominal pain and swelling, breast tenderness and moodiness from the hormone medications, which will fade.

Severe side effects are rare. All side effects will be discoursed with you in detail by your IVF specialist before you consider egg donation.

Injection Side Effects and Risks—Blood tests and hormone injections are usually well tolerated. However, some women experience pain, redness or minor bruising at the injection site. Allergic reactions are rare.

Medication Side Effects and Risks— Small risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) evolving during an egg donation cycle. OHSS generally occurs after the egg retrieval and involves enlargement of the ovaries, significant increases in fluid retention within the abdomen and concentration of the blood within the blood vessels.

In its mild form, OHSS can be uncomfortable but resolves within several days. Severer OHSS, which occurs in about 1% of donor cycles, may require hospitalization for monitoring. While the condition is serious, it usually lasts no more than one week.

Procedure Side Effects and Risks—Egg retrieval is guided by transvaginal ultrasound. The risk of serious complications from this procedure is rare; nearly 1 in 1,000. Serious complications involve bleeding that requires observation in the hospital, blood transfusion, or both, as well as damage to internal organs and infection.

Other Side Effects and Risks — Overwhelming evidence suggest no increased risk of breast or ovarian cancer from serving as an egg donor. There is no evidence of increased risk of infertility.

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