Donor Egg Recipients

There are many reasons that couples seek egg donor programs to become pregnant. Ovarian failure, genetic disorders, or declining egg reserve due to age are all problems that are more common than many people realize.

Finding the Right Balance

Egg donation IVF clinics combine state-of-the-art fertility technology with compassionate and friendly care to achieve one’s dream of having a healthy baby of their own.

Egg Recipient—Who qualifies to be an Egg Recipient?

  • Women who have diminished ovarian function; unable to produce good quality eggs
  • Women who lack ovaries or have non-functioning ovaries due to chemotherapy, radiation or premature menopause.
  • Women who have not responded well to ovarian stimulation, have persistently produced poor-quality eggs, or repeated failure of embryo implantation during previous IVF attempts.
  • Women carrying genetically transmitted diseases
  • Women who are over the age of 40

Egg Recipient—How do I get Started?

Egg donation IVF clinics around the world provide comprehensive services to infertility communities, and provide exceptional and diverse egg donor’s databases.

From celebrities to first-time parents, donor egg recipients receive world-class, warm personal care and prompt attention. Egg donation IVF clinics work with recipients worldwide – couples, single men and women and same-sex partners – and are dedicated to providing you with the support and all the necessary information you need to feel comfortable during the process.

Selecting an Egg Donation IVF Clinic

Each step of a donor cycle is critical and you want to ensure that you have the precise support carrying you through a cycle.

It is important to select a IVF clinic that will look out for you and your well-being.  A reputable egg donation IVF clinic will spend the time to share their program with you and patiently and thoroughly answer any questions you may have.

When you speak with an IVF clinic, you should feel comfortable and protected.

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