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About Egg Donation in USA

The US egg donation programs offer the highest success rate particularly because of the advanced reproductive technology and innovative scientific research.

Across the United States of America, many fertility clinics maintain a local presence offering a unique combination of personal and professional care along with the world’s most diverse pool of egg donors.

For intended parents traveling for egg donation in the US, they can benefit from a local case manager who will handle the entire procedure from start to end.

Eligible egg donors are young, bright women between the age of 20 and 31 who meet the guidelines put forth by American Society for Reproductive Medicine for egg donation.

Good candidates for egg donation in the US are women experiencing premature ovarian failure (early menopause), advanced maternal age, or being a carrier of a hereditary disease they do not want to pass on to offspring.
Sights to See in USA

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Cost of Egg Donation in USA

The US egg donation clinics are designed to provide the highest quality of fertility care for an affordable cost. Therefore a large number of fertility tourists travel to the US each year to take advantage of high value for money and excellent pregnancy success rates. Many IVF clinics offer several different payment plans for suit the budget needs of patients.

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