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UKCFA offers a wide range of infertility treatments tailored to meet your needs and make you feel enlightened on your journey to Parenthood. We are run by UK’s leading IVF Fertility Consultants with a unique partnership with Cyprus IVF Centre (CIC) in Famagusta.

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About Egg Donation in United Kingdom

The UK fertility clinics bring years of experience in assisted reproductive treatment field providing comprehensive services to the local and international infertility community.

Egg donation programs comprise a wide range of services facilitating patient experience including matching, screening and coordination of all legal, medical, financial, travel and accommodation.

UK fertility specialists understand the process of selecting a donor is profoundly personal and each of the intended parents has their own unique criteria they would like the donor to meet.

That’s why they spend considerable amount of time to listen to patients’ desires and concerns regarding the demographic, physical and psychographic characteristics of the donor in order to identify a compatible match and deliver a pleasant experience for both egg donors and egg recipients.

Egg donation clinics in the UK maintain a trusted network of medical and legal professionals who make every effort to help parents-to-be conceive successful pregnancy and build a family.

Indented parents traveling for egg donation in UK can choose from an extensive pool of varied ethnic backgrounds who are young, healthy, educated and intelligent women.

Patients can review a complete profile of each egg donor which entails thorough information about her personality traits, hobbies and special talents, as well as her personal commitment for being a donor.

Rest assured when seeking an egg donation in Britain, you will receive the most compassionate, personal and customized service making your mission to make a baby a pleasant and rewarding experience.
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Cost of Egg Donation in UK

The UK is often misperceived as an expensive place to undergo a medical treatment! Contrary to this belief, egg donation programs offer a wide variety of payment plans for indented parents to meet budget needs. London is easily reached via a number of chartered flights and low-cost airlines like easy-jet and ryanair, allowing you to make substantial savings on travel expenses.

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