Gravida Fertilitat Avançada Spain

Gravida Advanced Fertility is Barcelona’s premier fertility center offering comprehensive ranges of fertility and assisted reproduction.

Founded under the support of Assistència Sanitària, a prominent leader in the health sector in Catalonia for over 50 years, Gravida is dedicated to offering patient’s reliability, professionalism and ethics.

Located in the prestigious Hospital de Barcelona, the center integrates state-of-the-art technology with the latest treatments for solving infertility issues.

Our fertility specialists have been internationally-recognized industry leaders for 20 years, receiving only the highest praise from patients and a team made up of prominent gynecologists, embryologists and andrologists.

Why Choose Gravida?

Our fundamental principle offers patients all over the globe an exceptional level of care while placing the best technological infrastructure at your disposal. Our sole objective is to provide fully personalized treatment to help your dream of becoming parents a reality.

Amazingly, nine out of every ten Gravida intended parents who work with us end up getting pregnant.

The Gravida Laboratorys´technologies are unique in Europe, and contribute to these admirable results.

With the respectable fertility law in Spain, we offer single women or female partners family building opportunities with assisted reproduction.

Our decades of experience and mindful commitment to our patients’ has resulted in fertility treatment protocols that combine the best of scientific and technical knowledge.

The Best of Fertility Personalization

Gravida offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatment options from conventional treatments such as insemination and in vitro fertilization to egg donation, FET, and fertility preservation.

All factors are considered when developing a treatment plan: diagnosis, success rates, cost, and each patient’s individual situation. Our unique focus is building trust with each patient and supporting their unique situation.

Our patients are our top priority. 

Success Starts with Gravida


Cycles of In Vitro Fertilization with own oocytes

< 35

35 - 37

38 - 40

> 40



Pregnancy rate, * by age of patient (%)






Cycles of In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation

< 35

> 40




Pregnancy rate, * by age of patient (%)





  • I can only say good things about Gravida. It turned out that I got pregnant naturally just before my consulation so did not go forward with the treatment. However, Gravida representatives, especially Isabel Sabe and Paula Ben Amor had already put my mind at ease about our plans. All questions were answered quickly, thoroughly and politely. They had even worked quickly to find a donor for us, even with a harder to find trait. My pregnancy is going well so far, but we definitely have Gravida in mind when we think about a sibling later.
    Gravida representatives, especially Isabel Sabe and Paula Ben Amor had already put my mind at ease about our plans


Dra. Anna Galindo Trias

Medical Director

Leading an expert team of professionals committed to providing the best treatment in a compassionate manner, Dra. Galindo is committed to helping patients worldwide achieve pregnancy.

Dr. Francisco González Gómez

Faculty Consultant

Dr. Gómez will exceed your expectations by overseeing the superior infertility and gynecologic care in a state-of-the-art environment.

Dr. Armando Hernández Rojas


Dr. Rojas is dedicated to providing world-class care in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

Dra. Carmen Márquez Guevara

Lab Director

Dra. Guevara is a dedicated professional who is committed to providing superior infertility care in a personal setting.

Lda. Anna Fusté Cañellas


Lda. Canellas strives to help patients build a family through state-of-the-art reproductive technology combined with a commitment to patient care.

Dra. Laia Uroz Brosa


Dra. Brosa helps the fertility specialists at Gravida to combine superior clinical care with excellent patient support.

Montse Llopart Tubella

Nursing Coordinator

Mrs. Tubella is dedicated to providing patients support on a full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the field of reproductive endocrinology using state-of-the-art facilities, modern technology, and the highest quality care.

Marta Medrano Belmonte


Mrs. Belmonte is committed to providing Grovida patients with the highest quality fertility care and support.

Dr. Javier Ruiz Romero


Dr. Romero is dedicated to helping all couples achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Lda. Marta Vallès Tamborero


Lda. Tamborero is an infertility specialist who can help determine what infertility treatment support, or other course of action is best suited for you.

Marta Aurell Fombellida

Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Fombellida represents a commitment to patients during the most precarious point of care during infertility treatment.

Isabel Sabé Richer


Mrs. Richer provides our patients with the highest level of success for conception.

Dra. Teresa Vendrell Bayona


Dra. Bayona is a highly qualified and a nationally recognized leader for genetic screening.