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M and M Fertility Hospital

Abuja, Nigeria

M & M Fertility Hospital allows easy and affordable access for patients struggling with infertility, while maintaining individualized IVF treatment tailored to the needs of each individual couple.

Deda IVF Hospital

Abuja, Nigeria

At the leading IVF center in Nigeria, Deda Hospital, we specialize in fertility, gynaecology, general medicine and reproductive surgery. We are located in the welcoming Gwarimpa District in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Fertility Solutions Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

It’s our mission to assist the many couples who are struggling with infertility by offering affordable solutions for IVF, egg donor IVF, ICSI , PGD, gender selection, and surrogacy.

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About Egg Donation in in Nigeria

With years of local and international experience in egg donation and fertility services, Nigeria has become an appealing destination for IVF and third party reproductive treatments in Africa.

Many infertile patients travel from Europe and the US to take advantage of Nigeria best fertility solutions as well as egg donation programs. Egg donors in Nigeria are special individuals prepared to donate their own eggs for use in IVF treatment cycles.

Their selfless act and enormous generosity in egg donation enables many overseas childless couples to achieve their dream of starting a family.

Women incapable of producing their own eggs can use donated eggs in Nigeria to fulfill their desire to having a baby. Egg donation specialist and fertility clinics coordinators have substantial experience in managing treatment cycles using donated eggs.

Nigeria IVF doctors can give couples the best chance of conceiving a pregnancy using the most advanced technology and innovative scientific research.

With exceptional medical care, you will have access to the best in clinical science, cutting edge technology and nursing practice when traveling to Nigeria for egg donation.
Sights to See in Nigeria

Nigeria has some of the best beaches in world; most of them are located around Victoria Island. Tarkwa Beach and Eleko are two of the most popular shores near Lagos. Elko beach is about 1-hour drive away from Logos, remains a favorite beach haunt of the locals. This divine stretch of sand is home to a local art market where you can purchase creative art pieces done by locals. There are plenty of bars and restaurants at the beach.
Cost of Egg Donation in Nigeria

Nigeria sets new standards for affordable fertility treatments in Africa. Backed by continuous research in reproductive science and cutting edge assisted reproductive technology, Nigeria egg donation clinics sustains low-cost IVF treatments due to a variety of factors. The lower-cost of living, affordable overhead charges and favorable exchange rate allowed Nigeria to grow more in popularity among patients seeking affordable fertility care.

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