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LIV Fertility Center

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We LIV to get you to a place you LOVE. To contact our team, please call: English +1 (855)-534-5340 | Spanish +1 (855)-534-5342 | Local +52 (322)-297-2077 At LIV, our fertility specialists are some of the most renowned experts in the field. Our center believes in a team approach to fertility treatment. We trust in our multiple and complimentary medical disciplines to lead you on your journey to pregnancy success. Our goal is to provide you affordable and safe fertility care in Mexico, saving you nearly 50 percent when compared to United States and Canada. Both inside and outside of the center, LIV gives you the confidence to explore and enjoy an intimate experience in Puerto Vallarta.

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Tijuana Fertility Clinic

Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana Fertility Clinic is made up of a qualified medical team and IVF professionals who offer highly specialized areas in the study diagnosis and treatment of infertility for males and females.

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About Egg Donation in Mexico

IVF with egg donation in Mexico allows a patient to use donated eggs from another woman for her own pregnancy. The treatment is a viable solution for couples suffering from a female fertility factor.

Egg donation centers in Mexico provide expert assistance and valuable advice for choosing the best donor available.

Intended parents have the power to choose from an extensive database of egg donors based on genetic affinity, cultural, race, color and educational background.

Staff members of IVF clinics in Mexico conduct extensive interviews to verify their medical and health credentials. All egg donors available in Mexico have a unique zest for life and are committed to take part in such an altruistic deed.

Mexico egg donors are highly creative and charismatic women who will exceed your expectations for finding a compatible match.

Ideal candidates for egg donations in Mexico are women with ovarian failure, cancer therapy, genetic diseases or advanced age for optimal reproduction.

Egg donation centers in Mexico abide by strict guidelines to offer the best fertility service to local and international patients. Egg donors must pass screening and medical tests to prove they have no significant health or genetic disorders, infectious diseases, drug/alcohol/ nicotine use or genetic mutations.

A psychological evaluation is also conducted prior to the clearance of the egg donor in order to prove they are mentally and emotionally stable.
Sights to See in Mexico

Palacio de Mineria is one of architect Manuel Tosa’s best work of arts, considered one of Mexico’s masterpieces and Latin American neoclassicism. Formerly the school of mining, the building is now used for artistic events and cultural festivals. It features fabulous stonework and delightful outdoor patios.
Cost of Egg Donation in Mexico

Mexico is an adjacent alternative to the rising cost of fertility and health care treatments in the US.
The proximity aspect of Mexico to the US makes it a compelling destination for many couples looking for an affordable fertility treatment with a signature of medical excellence. Egg donation programs in Mexico offer reasonably-priced payment plans which usually include travel expenses, accommodation and transfers.

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