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Rotunda – The Center For Human Reproduction

Mumbai, India

Rotunda – The Center For Human Reproduction is located in Bandra, Mumbai. As the leading fertility clinic in Mumbai, our team offers a comprehensive range of fertility services under one roof. We are renowned for our innovation, integrity, medical and technical excellence, personalized service, and consistent willingness to accept patients facing the most difficult medical challenges.

Advance Fertility and Gynaecology Centre

New Delhi, India

Denoted as the top IVF clinic in Delhi, Advance Fertility and Gynecology Centre, is an outstanding Assisted Reproduction Centre located in the heart of South Delhi, easily accessible via all forms of transportation. Located next to a major metro station, even those without easy access to four wheelers can easily find their way as the clinic is on the main road. A Delhi location convenient for IVF patients as they usually need to visit the clinic more frequently than other categories of patients.

Dr Khandeparkar's IVF Center

Mumbai, India

Following the footsteps of our founder, Dr. Khandeparkar’s Nursing Home, continues to provide best possible and affordable healthcare and infertility management to all sections of the society, each with a personal touch. Dr. Shubhada Khandeparkar has added a new asset – Dr. Khandeparkar’s Infertility & IVF Centre, located at Dadar, in the heart of Central Mumbai, to Dr. Khandeparkar’s Nursing Home and Hospital.

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IFC Embryo Health Center

New Delhi, India

International fertility centre (IFC) is one of the most advanced IVF clinics in India, providing an international level of assisted reproductive treatments with the state-of-art facility at an affordable cost to allow childless couples realize their dream of having a baby.

Akanksha Infertility Clinic

Anand, India

The Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, Gujarat, India, has extensive experience helping international patients establish successful pregnancies, at very low costs. The clinic has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN and BBC news.

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Delhi Surrogacy - Dr Shivani Gour

New Delhi, India

Dr Shivani Gour is a renowned infertility specialist who offers an individual and caring service to Intended Parents.

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About Egg Donation in India

Third-party reproductive treatments in India offer warm and compassionate egg donors to couples and individuals who need help building a family.

India IVF specialists extend a helping hand to anyone struggling with infertility and provide a wide range of fertility treatments to realize patients’ dreams of having children.

Egg donation clinics in India offer guidance, support and facilitation of all arrangements involved in third party reproduction procedures including legal, logistical and the delicate egg donor selection process.

Fertility doctors understand the importance of patient’s privacy and communication with intended parents and egg donors.

The ethnically diverse donor database in India egg donation centers is composed of an extensive variety of egg donors from different backgrounds, race and color.

Prospective egg donors undergo a comprehensive screening process to validate their eligibility for this extraordinary procedure. Patients traveling for egg donation in India span same sex couples, traditional couples from the US, the UK and Western Europe.

India’s fertility care is committed to providing a high level of medical excellence and seamless IVF treatments to help patients throughout an incredible journey to parenthood.
Sights to See in India

Visit India’s urban jungle and mega metropolis boasting a sobering assemblage of old and new, rich and poor and foreign and familiar.

The Crafts Museum in New Delhi is an excellent introduction to India’s best antiques and inventive crafts. The museum is home to 200-year-old life-side Bhuta figures from Karnataka or the Charrake bowls from Kerala. Some 20,000 artifacts are displayed in five separate galleries, featuring the genus works of prolific artists who thrived for centuries.
Cost of Egg Donation in India

The cost of infertility clinics is considerably high in countries like the UK, US and Australia. This inconvenient aspect of infertility treatments in developed nations spurred the fertility tourism phenomenon.

And India abundantly supplies the demand for affordable fertility care. India egg donation programs enjoy a reputable cachet for providing first-class heath care service for a low-cost. Many patients traveling for egg donation in India save up to 70 percent on their treatment.

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