Pronatal IVF

Led by Ass. Prof. T. Mardesi? PhD., the Pronatal IVF clinic in Prague has witnessed multiple achievements over the years — and is comparable to top international centres of assisted reproduction.

The achieved teamwork and results are reflected in many studies in national and international publications, research projects and have received a number of awards.

Dedicated IVF Team in the Czech Republic

Gynecologists at Pronatal IVF are specialized not only in reproductive medicine, but also in ultrasound and endoscopic methods. Due to this fact, optimal continuity of diagnostic process and medical treatment can be ensured.
The permanent presence of an urologist at the IVF clinic in the Czech Republic enables complete diagnosis and medical treatment including operations on epididymis and testicle (surgical sperm retrieval) in couples with severe male factor infertility. Thanks to molecular biology methods, the close cooperation with an embryologist specialized in the field of andrology helps determine the diagnosis with remarkable accuracy as well as raise the awareness of the patient’s prognosis regarding the planned treatment.

Leading IVF Clinic in Prague

Pronatal IVF laboratories employ experienced embryologists, whose expertise combined with the state-of-the-art equipment make it possible to perform all techniques known to date — blastocysts culture and transfer, assisted hatching, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), sperm, egg and embryo freezing, handling of sperm after MESA and TESE (surgical sperm retrieval from epididymis and testicles) or embryo biopsy and blastomere preparation for pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnosis.

In indicated cases, treatment with donor´s sperm or donated eggs (oocytes) and embryos is available. With respect to the long-term experience and accomplishments in freezing human gametes and embryos, the fertility center also provides cryo-conservation of gametes and embryos in those cases when planned (most often oncologic) treatment will be likely to lead to a permanent damage or fertility loss.

The operating theatre is not only equipped for all kinds of assisted reproduction techniques, but also with state-of-the-art endoscopic examination devices (hysteroscopy, trans-vaginal hydrolaparoscopy, laparoscopy). The team of anesthetists specialized in outpatient anesthesia plays a significant role in the operating theatre performance providing all patients with maximum comfort during surgical procedures.

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Ass. Prof. MUDr. Tonko Mardešić, PhD.

Medical Director

Tonko Mardesic is associate professor and medical director of Institute Pronatal in Prague and head of Department for reproductive medicine of Institute for postgraduate education.

MUDr. Vladimír Sobotka

Economic Director, Urologist and Andrologist

Responsible for all severe male infertility patients including MESA and micro-TESE procedures.

Mgr. Kamila Hrbková

Quality Manager

Ing. Radim Frolík

Quality Manager

MUDr. Jan Vobořil


As a deputy of medical director he is fully involved in all medical activities provided by Sanatorium Pronatal.

MUDr. Robert Středa, Ph.D.


MUDr. Dagmar Zelenková


MUDr. Vladimíra Paseková


MUDr. Alena Malkovská


MUDr. Lucie Melicharová


Mgr. Markéta Vršecká, DiS.

Head Nurse

MVDR. Ladislava Jelínková, PhD.

Head of Embryology Laboratory

As a director of IVF laboratory in Sanatorium Pronatal she is responsible for all laboratory procedures offered in Sanatorium Pronatal.

MUDr. Šárka Vilímová


Marie Chybová

Head of Andrology Laboratory

RNDr. Marcela Kosařová, Ph.D.

head of the department of molecular genetics and PGD

Mgr. Petr Lonský

Head of Cytogenetics

Ing. Dana Dušková

Leading Biochemical Laboratory

Pharm.Dr. Dagmar Čapková

Leading Pharmacy

Hrachuhi Arakelyan

IVF Coordinator

JUDr. Marina Mišković

IVF Coordinator

Ksenija Medved

IVF Coordinator

Lucie Urbanová

IVF Coordinator

Karolína Vocelová

IVF Coordinator