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Pronatal IVF

Prague, Czech republic

Led by Ass. Prof. T. Mardesić PhD., the Pronatal IVF clinic in Prague has witnessed multiple achievements over the years — and is comparable to top international centres of assisted reproduction.

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About Egg Donation in Czech Republic

Although the Czech Republic is a relatively new entrant in assisted reproductive treatment field; it has garnered significant attention and interest from scores of overseas patients.

The modern sophisticated medical care in Czech Republic allows the latest assisted conception treatment techniques to be employed with unprecedented pregnancy success.

Fertility clinics of Czech Republic provide a friendly, caring setting to assist couples cope with infertility.

Czech Republic egg donor program enables intended patients who need egg donation open access to an extensive online database of egg donor profiles. The up-to-date egg donation pools comprise detailed personal, medical and background information of every egg donor in Czech Republic.

The advanced search functionalities available in Czech Republic fertility clinics provide the intended parents more choice through more comprehensive data on egg donors including physical traits, hobbies and interests which ensures a compatible match.

IVF coordinators and a psychologist are available in most clinics of Czech Republic to offer additional counseling.
Sights to See in Czech Republic

The Royal Palace of Prague is a mesmerizing mix of styles and designs from different periods. To get your head around the palace, start with Vladislav Hall, the largest Gothic interior space in Central Europe. The room evokes a sense of space and light, complemented by the sensuous lines of the vaulted ceilings. Back in the day, the hall held many tournaments, festive events, banquets, markets and coronations.
Cost of Egg Donation in Czech Republic

The cost of Egg donation in Czech Republic is a contributing factor to the rising number in fertility tourists. Fertility clinics in Czech Republic allow many patients to make significant savings due to factors such as the lower cost of living, affordable overhead charges and high exchange rate against USD and Euro currencies.

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