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The Colombian Center for Fertility and Sterility

Bogota, Colombia

The globally recognized Colombian Center for Fertility and Sterility (CECOLFES) offers couples the opportunity to identify and solve the problems encountered in having children.

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Instituto de Fertilidad Humana

Medellin, Colombia

Instituto de Fertilidad Humana specializes in diagnosis and treatments of infertility combined with state-of-the-art reproductive medicine, as well as the personalized care you deserve.

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About Egg Donation in Colombia

Egg donation is an innovative fertility treatment for women whose own eggs are unable to conceive pregnancy naturally due to advanced reproductive age, genetic abnormalities, previous surgeries or other conditions.

The high cost of infertility care and lack of dedicated fertility experts in many countries incited the demand for affordable fertility care overseas.

Colombia is among the rising destinations for IVF abroad due to the lower cost of living and advancement in infertility medicine. Egg donation in Colombia is well-established and maintained by respectful and diligent fertility specialists who offer the highest degree of excellence, empathy and compassion.

Egg donation programs in Colombia offer a large pool of healthy, intelligent, altruistic and reliable egg donors. IVF clinics are able to sustain very high success rates by limiting the age of donors.

All egg donors are extensively screen as per the guidelines of assisted reproductive associations in North and South America. Egg donors in Colombia are tested for sexually transmitted diseases as well as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Colombia IVF clinics are home to highly-trained human reproductive experts offering the most advanced medical care in the region. Traveling to Colombia for egg donation is a life-changing experience that will open a world of family-building opportunities and renewed hopes for having a baby.
Sights to See in Colombia

Museo del 20 de Julio, located on the northeast corner of Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, is a fine embodiment of early Colombian colonial architecture. The late 16-centure home marks the spot where a dispute over a vase took place between Spaniard Jose Gonzalez and Colombians Antonio and Francisco Morales—which eventually led to the war of independence. Museo del 20 de Julio features incredible independence memorabilia and 10 ornately decorated rooms.
Cost of Egg Donation in Colombia

The overall cost of egg donation and fertility treatments in Colombia is a reasonably-priced alternative to expensive fertility procedures in the US, UK and Canada. The lower cost of living and overhead expenses put Colombia in an advantage position to offer cost-reduced fertility care while maintaining US-standard quality of health care. Patients traveling for egg donation in Colombia save up to 70 percent on their treatment.

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