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Patient Satisfaction is Priority

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  • This is the best place I have ever experienced. No one here beats around the bush, costs etc are upfront, Doctors and staff responsive and helpful, ambiance and privacy are well maintained and all in all one is well looked after. I would recommend this clinic to all my friends

  • Excellent- everyone very helpful

  • Very good. Well informed by doctor and clinic. Pregnancy lasted 6-7 weeks then miscarried. Will visit the clinic again later in the year.

  • The whole experience was excellent from beginning to end, I was extremely anxious and scared about it all but it couldn't have been a nicer, friendlier and relaxing.. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to my friends in the same situation, which I already have done..

    Lea Mather

Holding on to your dreams of parenthood

Welcome to Egg Donation IVF

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This site will assist you to find:

  • Premier egg donation IVF clinics offering advanced treatments; backed by modern and safe technologies
  • Education on what to expect during an egg donor cycle—from the egg recipient’s and egg donor’s perspective
  • Guidance on egg donation treatments, costs, and risks

The decision to have a baby through egg donation is often the most personal and challenging decision you will ever make on your journey to parenthood.

Egg donation IVF clinics around the globe are dedicated and compassionate about providing professional guidance for singles or couples who are searching for an egg donor. Each individual or couple is surrounded by a unique life experience that has carried them to this very second. Wherever you are in your egg donation process for recipients or egg donation process for egg donors, we are here to provide you guidance.

With our vast knowledge on the advances in egg donation, we can empower you with the knowledge on choosing the right fertility clinic for egg donation and how to best find a suitable egg donor.

Emotional fulfillment

The reward and satisfaction of becoming an egg donor can have a profound effect on your life. Couples or singles that may not be able to experience the joy of becoming pregnant and the fulfillment and contentment an egg donor provides is priceless.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation was first performed in 1983 and entails a procedure in which eggs are taken from a fertile woman and given to a recipient and/or her partner who are not able to have children on their own. Egg donation laws vary from country to country and state to state.

How does an egg donor impact the world?

Egg donation can literally be the difference between a childless couple and one with the joys and the excitement of a healthy child. With such an increase of infertility issues among childbearing age women and the increase in gay surrogacy options today, egg donation programs can potentially be the ONLY options for someone realize the dream of becoming a mother or father.

Who are the egg recipients?

Women who are egg recipients of donated eggs generally entail the following challenges: Menopausal women who have no eggs of their own to attempt pregnancy, close to menopause and generating a slow response to fertility medications, poor egg quality as evidenced by history of recurrent miscarriages, carrying an inheritable disease in which egg donation would allow them to be pregnant without passing the disease to child, couples who have endured multiple In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) attempts without success, women who want to get pregnant with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) but do not produce a sufficient number of eggs; and gay or heterosexual men who are using egg donation and a surrogate to build a family.

Who is the ideal egg donor?

Women who portray the characteristics of an ideal egg donor include:  Women who exhibit the emotional stability necessary to complete the egg donor procedure, physically fit females between the ages of 21-30 who are willing to complete a rigorous application process and be open to further screening and testing.

Are Egg Donors Compensated?

Egg donors are compensated for their precious time, travel and efforts, and a set fee once they have completed an egg donation cycle. The medical screening is provided in the cost of egg donation for the recipient.

Donor’s compensation ranges from country to country and is typically assorted for first time donors and repeat donors with a history of successful cycles.  The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines cap donor compensation at $10,000.

Does the egg donor have legal responsibilities to any child born?

When an egg donor agrees to egg donation with intended parents, she relinquishes all rights and responsibilities associated with the eggs and any child born as a result of those eggs.

Does the egg recipient and egg donor have a relationship?

Most egg donor arrangements are anonymous, in which all information shared between the two is in a non-identifying manner. Physical characteristics, education, occupation, special interests and family medical history; along with pictures are typically shared, however egg donation IVF clinics will not share your last name, address, telephone number or email address.

Egg donation agencies are genuinely introducing arrangements that fit the personal needs of both donor and recipients. Some donors and recipients are interested in meeting each other or having open communication. On your application, you will indicate whether you’re willing to meet.

Egg Donation and Same-Sex Couples

Today, gay and lesbian couples and singles are deciding to have children through surrogacy and egg donation. Egg donation agencies that provide services to same-sex couples are committed to helping making their dreams of parenthood— reality.

All same-sex couples should receive quality services and personal attention on their journey to parenthood. Egg donation IVF agencies who are experienced in the creation of gay and Lesbian families through surrogacy and egg donation are increasingly creating joyful parents.

Our Goal

Whether you are an egg donor, a donor egg recipient, or intended parent; we look forward to sharing in this amazing experience with you and providing you the ultimate guidance on your egg donation journey.

Explore our site and become educated on the various ways egg donation can help ease your path to parenthood.