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Altravita IVF Clinic

Moscow, Russia

Through our comprehensive and caring IVF programs, we give patients the best possible chance to overcome their infertility problems and realize their dreams of parenthood. At Altravita IVF clinic we tailor infertility treatment to meet the needs of individual partners.

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About Egg Donation in in Russia

IVF doctors in Russia understand the unbearable frustration, anxiety and pain infertility brings. That’s why they are committed to guiding intended parents and providing unlimited support through the egg donation journey.

Russian IVF clinics have no waiting list and offer immediate medical attention to couples seeking egg donation. Egg donor database in Russia contain diverse race groups of young, intelligent women who are screened for medical, mental, genetic diseases.

Fertility clinics in Russia are attended by only skilled professionals exhibiting dedication and expertise in assisted reproductive treatments. They offer step-by-step guidance to intended parents and act as a liaison between egg donors and recipients. Regular feedback provided by the egg donation clinics in Russia assures intended parents of the donor’s well-being and commitment to donation.
Sights to See in Russia

Annunciation Cathedral in Moscow is a marvelous monument of Russian architecture known for its emblem onion-shaped domes. The interior of the church is decorated by beautiful frescos painted in 1508 by the Russian artist Feodost. The iconostases are striking work of arts by Russian extraordinaire such as Andrei Rublyov, Theophanes the Greek, and Prokhor of Gorodets.
Cost of Egg Donation in Russia

Russia is a well-known fertility destination for affordable third-party reproductive treatments including egg donation and surrogacy. IVF experts and medical practitioners in Russia are aware of the stain infertility puts not only physical and emotional but also financial.

Therefore, IVF clinics in Russia offer flexible payment options to allow the many fulfill their dreams of having a baby at an affordable expense. Patients seeking egg donation programs in Russia are expected to save up to 70 percent on their treatment.

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