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Serum IVF Clinic

Athens, Greece

With individualized fertility testing, diagnosis and expert treatment, you will find all the answers you need to build a family. Serum IVF center provides infertility diagnosis and innovative treatment options to local and international patients.

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About Egg Donation in Greece

Fertility clinics in Greece are founded and managed by doctors who are empathetic and have a personal understanding of the pain of infertility.

Greece is a well-known hub for fertility treatments and third party reproductive care inviting many intended parents looking for an affordable and effective solution to infertility.

Indented parents can choose from an extensive online database of hundreds of quality egg donors who underwent stringent screening procedures to ensure they are physically and psychologically fit for egg donation program in Greece.

Greece egg donation clinics boast an extensive selection of egg donors who are healthy, non-smoking and carry no chronic medical or genetic diseases. They are physically and emotionally healthy.

IVF practitioners in Greece are highly regarded individuals distinguished for their professionalism, integrity and high care of egg recipients and donors alike.

Greece IVF centers ensure the best possible chances of conception via egg donation while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. These centers are recognized for their excellence in fertility care, track record, professionalism and exceptional egg donor program.

The matching process is a very important step for recipients and donors. That’s why Greek IVF doctors put in more time and effort in this stage to present intended parents with the most compatible match.
Sights to See in Greece

Athens is a maddening metropolis packed with traffic-choked roads as well as many architectural marvels vying for your attention. To beat the heat and escape the crowds, step into an oasis of serenity and greenery at the National Garden. It is home to more than 500 species of trees and plants, cafes, and open air cinema. The national Garden is Athens most attractive spot to relax for seniors, adults and children too.
Cost of Egg Donation in Greece

The overall cost of egg donation in Greece is quite affordable for European and US patients. To Europeans, Greece is a very attractive alternative for the high cost of medical care in countries like the UK. Egg donation centers in Greece sustain immensely cost-effective fertility care due to the lower cost of living, cheap overhead expenses and the country’s central location.

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