Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, AtlasCARE IVF in Georgia is renowned for its innovation, affordability and unwavering support — every step of the treatment process.  Providing an extensive range of fertility treatment and surrogacy options, the top Surrogacy & IVF clinic in Tbilisi strives to provide all-inclusive and professional care to all patients.

“Our leading measure of success is the birth of healthy babies.” — Dr. Maria Mikadze 

Inspired by your medical and personal needs, the AtlasCARE IVF team tailors personalized treatment plans to give you the best chance of success. While there are many options when choosing a fertility clinic, AtlasCARE IVF specialists offer you more than 15 years of collective experience in the field of infertility. Lead fertility specialist, Dr. Maria Mikadze, works closely with her team to ensure that the latest clinical protocols, techniques, and procedures are carried out with expertise, support, and compassion.

Our loving surrogates are ready to create a unique connection with you and help you reach your goal of building a family. Our egg donors are remarkable, accomplished young women who are ready to share the gift of parenthood with you.

Why Choose AtlasCARE in Georgia?

AtlasCARE IVF has assisted couples from around the world in their pursuit to build a family since 2007. As the leading IVF center in Georgia, we are proud to offer high success rates, reasonable costs, and smooth communication in English, French and Arabic. 

  • Board Certified Fertility Experts

  • Compassionate Fertility Care and Support

  • Effective Treatment Plans with Proven Success Rates

  • Exclusive Surrogacy Program Options

  • Modern Facility Offering IVF, Egg/Sperm/Embryo Donation, and PGD

Covid-19 health protection measures

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have also introduced new measures to protect your health from potential infection. These include:

  • Pre-booked appointments

  • Pre-screening questions prior to your visit

  • Use of PPE for staff

  • Temperature check

  • Wearing a face mask

  • Keeping a 2-meter distance

  • Disinfecting your hands

  • Sanitizing the clinic’s facilities

  • Online video appointment option

What Should I Expect from My First Visit to Tbilisi?

When an individual or couple has been attempting pregnancy for quite some time, there is often a high degree of frustration or anxiety already present. Knowing what to expect with the first consultation may reduce some of that anxiety. The fertility specialists of AtlasCARE IVF provide you with an opportunity to review both you and your partner’s reproductive health, as well as help you both feel more in control of the process.

During your initial visit at the leading IVF center in Tbilisi, you will have a chance to meet with all the members of your medical care team. After consulting with top fertility specialists, we will decide the next step on your journey to parenthood — and what is most comfortable for you.

AtlasCARE IVF is a unique clinic where a patient’s health and success are a top priority. Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles. We constantly meet our own high demands and have a clear strategy for how we approach the disheartening world of infertility and the invaluable world of surrogacy, bringing back your sense of hope and optimism for having a family.


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  • We have been very lucky to choose atlasCARE from the begnning. CARE is what atlasCARE holds for. From the dinner we had together with doctor and the team, to every email we exchanged through the whole process, atlasCARE has been truly caring and sincere. We would like to particularly express our deep thanks to Amy. Whenever we need you, you are always there, answering quesions, offfering advice and support. Dr Everen is the best, We love atlasCARE, We love Georgia, for sure we will come back to visit this beautiful country:)
  • Hey Evren, My wife and I are now in Tbilisi since last Saturday. Kids are keeping us busy here daily. : ) Will do the DNA test on this coming Wednesday. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Want to personally thank you for your help in all ways, especially Amy, Tamila, you, and all supporting team from Atlas Care.
    Hey Evren, My wife and I are now in Tbilisi since last Saturday. Kids are keeping us busy here daily. : ) Will do the DNA test on this coming Wednesday.
  • Our daughter Melusine turns 3 months tomorrow. Every day has been a day of happiness for us, her parents. We are so grateful to the agency, we always felt we were treated as someone special, both by Amy online and at the agency office. We can recommend the pediatricians at the Children´s Hospital in Batumi, we were so well taken care of. We hope other parents will be as happy as we have been. Thank you!
    Melusine´s parents
  • Helpful personel, in place and online.
  • The entire team - from my journey coordinator to lawyer to medical team were all very helpful and supportive. They handled our case very well. They made sure that all our questions are answered. Overall, we had a great experience. We felt very comfortable and very at ease with everyone.
  • It was awesome, everything happened just as they said it would from day one. My contact was Amy from day one and she always got back to me with a response to my questions with in one day. I enjoyed being able to skype with her and talk to her on the phone ,she was very easy to speak with. Our surrogate became pregnant after our first try of embryo transfer and everything went smoothly with monthly email updates that included pregnancy progress and amazing 3D images of our developing baby. Upon arriving for our baby’s birth we were meet at the hospital by Tamila, who did our contracts. She helped us get everything we needed for the baby’s birth certificate and getting things ready to take our baby home. She was great and help so much with translation for us. Everything worked out better than I could have ever dreamed. My husband and I are looking forward to baby number two and we plan to return here and look forward to the great care we got.
  • Everything was a great experience. The team was excellent, compassionate and very perfessional. We were nervous about going to foreign country but from start to finish we were treated with warmth and respect. As we prepare leave Batumi we will return again because they treated us like family. A million thanks
  • Amazing people, embryolog, doctors , nurses, admin team. Just perfect. Looking forward to get pregnant.
  • We had very good experiences with the Atlas Care in Tbilisi. Everything was really well organized. We are grateful for the contact with Amy. She has been very patient with us and always responded quickly at all our questions and thoughts. The medical team was very professional and took the assignment very seriously. They were very meticulous and studied everything in to the smallest detail. The medical team set up and worked evenings and weekends on several occasions to meet our needs and to achieve the best results. The staff spoke also several different languages. We really felt that we were in very safe and good hands.
  • We had a very pleasant experience with the atlas care team. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming to me and my husband. As you can imagine embarking on surrogacy in a new country which you are not familiar with can be very distressing. Atlas care were very professional and my husband and I were extremely satisfied with the care we were provided it is a very beautiful city to visit too. We have had a successful pregnancy with our surrogate and look forward to welcoming our child in Summer 2017. They have made a dream of ours come true and we are very excited to welcome our new arrival. Thank you to the care team in Batumi for making this journey for us a pleasant one.
  • You are definitely in good hands with Care Surrogacy center in Georgia! We are a couple from USA and we've been nothing but thrilled with them. We flew into their clinic in Batumi in June. Although, Amy (coordinator) couldn't be there she's arranged for car service to pick us up and take us to our hotel. Also, everything else was well arranged for the next day from lawyer to notary to clinic all very well organized. I have toured the whole clinic personally myself. It is very clean and modern. As a surgical nurse naturally I've inspected all the rooms and equipment. I was satisfied 🙂 Mr. Evren, owner & the embryologist is very good at what he does. We had a positive pregnancy with our surrogate but recently lost it after 7 weeks. We are going to try again with the same surrogate. I should mention that we've been to India for surrogacy before Georgia and it was a nightmare! Dirty and bad conditions not to mention dishonesty and abuse of surrogates. Hope this helps on your decision making. Feel free to write if you have any other questions. Good luck to you! 🙂
    B & C
    You are definitely in good hands with Care Surrogacy center in Georgia! We are a couple from USA and we've been nothing but thrilled with them.
  • Atlas is a fantastic IVF clinic, it is far exceeded our expectation as we came from Dubai to Batumi for this IVF treatment. We found this clinic only in website and contacted / communicated with them only by email. They are very reliable, transparent, team members are very friendly and helpful, specially Doctor Marina Surmanidze and the nurse Inga are amazing, which made us very comfortable for this treatment. Also we enjoyed so much in Batumi, it is a very nice place for holiday, very nice natural weather, food and fruits, the daily cost is very low, also the treatment cost about half price of Dubai as we tried 8 times IVF in Dubai. It is highly recommended for those patients who are seeking for IVF, Egg donor or Surrogacy to approach this clinic. Batumi has mountain and also has sea, fantastic experience.


Evren Armutcu

Medical Director

Marina Surmanidze


Rusudan Mjavanadze


Graduated from Estonia Medical University. Holds over 20 years of experience as a OB/GYN and 15 years as a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Marina Mindiashvili


Rusudan Beridze


Tamila Varshalomidze


Rusudan Khmaladze


Inga Iremadze


Teona Tchagalidze


Tamila Mjavanadze


Tamar Gorgoshadze


Tamar Gogoglishvili


Suzana Davitashvili

Public Relations

Sofio Takidze

Cleaning staff

Amy Saracoglu

International Patient Coordinator

Nadine Samer

IVF Coordinator Arabic/French